My HandsOn Time Capsule

From Jen Palmejar-Takaki, Director of Programs emeritus, AmeriCorps member, and super human citizen – HandsOn Northeast Ohio:

When I was little, my parents gave me a time capsule.  It came with instructions that stressed the importance of only putting things in there that carried meaning.  As I began thinking about the past three years with HandsOn and in Cleveland, the image of that time capsule kept coming back to me. What memories will I store away in my mind? What items fully represent and capture all things HandsOn?
So, here it is.  My time capsule of HandsOn–all things near and dear to my experience and a small way to forever remember the people and places that made my life here so memorable.
1.  5-in-1 Scraper
It is an all-purpose tool much like the all-purpose people that make up HandsOn. HandsOn volunteers are the hardest working most creative individuals I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with.
2. A Quarter
For all the Bingo-ers who taught me the importance of caring for one another and showing me the joy of BINGO!  Projects with our seniors taught me how precious life is and to savor every moment.
3. Nametags
For the countless times I went into stores and restaurants with my name on my shirt and for the volunteers, clients, and agency partners whose names are now part of my memory.  Nametags are how memorable experiences and friendships began for me at HandsOn.
4.  “Painty Jeans”
For all the painting, gardening, parking lot sweeping, and outdoor project fun.  So many memories of volunteers and places are on my jeans.  A splash of bright green paint from a school paint, a grass stain from setting up GardenSoxx gardens, juice that was spilled after removing knotweed from trails, a saucy lasagna at Near West.
I will leave you with the words of Jim Croce’s “Time in a Bottle”: I’d save every day like a treasure and then again, I would spend them with you.
Thank you for the wealth of memories and experiences you have helped me make here in Cleveland.
High fives,

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